Certified Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning services will help ensure that your kitchen not only remains clean and spotless but could help your establishment from going up in smoke. Because we are “certified” exhaust cleaning specialists you can rest assure that we will help you keep your hood and exhaust properly maintained.

Kitchen exhaust cleaning is a legal requirement. Grease, oily sludge and dirt can build up in the exhaust hood of your kitchen becoming a fire hazard. Not to mention it can encourage the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.

When you call the certified exhaust cleaning specialists at HoodEx an initial cleaning estimate will be established. The work order-estimate is a contract to provide an initial clean which is an integral part of the system as outlined by the NFPA 96. We are then able to provide an after service report and digital photography if and when HoodEx feels there is a situation that needs to be addressed, or upon the customers request.

The hood canopies and grease exhaust fan may have a heavy build-up visually; however, the unknown variable in all exhaust systems is the ductwork. The access panels will be identified during our initial cleaning. We will report to you the number of access panels and any recommendations if the system requires additional panels to be installed to gain access to the duct cavity.

Our work order-estimate prices are inclusive of power washer, degreaser, all related shop materials and labour. We will make a pricing commitment for service after the initial cleaning. It may take two cleans to get the system caught up, depending on the degree of build-up in the ducts.

NFPA 96 – Establishes qualifications for who shall inspect kitchen exhaust systems and when they should be cleaned. Important! NFPA 96, 8-3.1.1 (part of only), “the entire exhaust system shall be cleaned by a properly trained, qualified, and certified company or person(s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction”.