Ceiling and Tile Cleaning

RE-NEW Ceiling Tile Cleaning Process

Why replace ceiling tiles when they can be cleaned? At HoodEx we offer an innovative ceiling cleaning without mess or business interruption.

With our cleaning process the tiles are sprayed with a unique non-toxic biodegradable enzyme and applied with a low-pressure machine that produces a mist to evenly disperse the solution over the tiles, t-bars and diffusers.

HoodEx is a committed partner helping you to achieve a cleaner working environment. Our cleaning process allows us to finish in less time than painting or replacing tiles and leaves no odour or mess!

When you compare the cost and benefits of our cleaning services you will find:

  • Cleaning restores old and dirty ceilings at an impressive cost savings of about 1/3 the cost of replacement.
  • The entire ceiling is cleaned with the tiles in place. There is no mess, no odour, no business interruptions and no cost of disposal.
  • Cleaning your tiles will enhance the indoor air quality, sanitize and clean ceiling surfaces, brighten your environment and most importantly keeps the fire resistance intact. Painting eliminates acoustics, interrupts business, leaves an odour and destroys the fire rating.